| Doctor Divago 'Off The Record' Rubén Soler Ferrer
'Off The Record' is my last documentary. It's about the forthcoming new album from Doctor Divago.
Documentary, Cinema Verité, Doctor Divago, Rock, New Album, Valencia, Rehearsal, Rubén Soler Ferrer, Rubén Soler Filmmaker, Freelance Filmmaker
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Doctor Divago ‘Off The Record’ (Rockumentary mini-serie)

About This Project

When Doctor Divago told me that they are creating a new album I thought to capture the creativity moments and the rehearsals through my camera, trying to do it as more «cinéma vérité» that I could. So there is no planning, no script, just the reality of what is happening in front of my camera.
We decided to do it in episodes and released on per week. So the episodes appeared in different cultural and musical websites and blogs: Verlanga, Beat Valencia, Muzikalia, Ruta 66 and El Giradiscos.
You can watch the whole episodes on youtube